Powering NFTs On The XRPL

NFT data services and tooling for the XRPL ecosystem

Why Peerkat?

Our products utilise the new NFT features on the XRP Ledger to deliver superior user experiences

Best in class data analytics

Unlock powerful insights into the activity and growth of token economies on the XRPL

NFT viewer and sharing process

Easy to use solution for any user to efficiently and confidently leverage the XRPL

Peerkat on Xumm

Use the Peerkat xApp to easily interact with your NFTs, including sharing capabilities

NFT minting modules

XLS20 native NFT minting flow on the XRPL, including intrinsic royalty payments


Our award winning team works with some of the industry’s leading researchers and technologists

XRPL Grants

Proud recipients of wave 1&3 grants backed by RippleX and XRPL Labs


Member of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies Industry Alliance

AWS Startups

Selected for the first Amazon Web Services fintech accelerator in the UK

Why mint NFTs on the XRPL?

Our products utilise the native NFT features on the XRP Ledger to deliver superior user experiences

High performance

Capable of settling thousands of transactions in seconds and scaling up TPS

Proven reliability

8+ years of consistent performance over more than 63 million ledgers

Consistent low cost

At fractions of a penny per transaction, costs are inexpensive enough to enable many use cases

Environmental friendly

The XRP Ledger does not need mining, so no energy is wasted in the transaction process

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